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A cosy living area on wheels


Make it more attractive
to "move"

Kinecar is not only a L7e category Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

It is also a user-centric digital ecosystem for mobility to grant a safe, funny and comfortable driving experience.

Kinecar offers:

  • a complete connected car experience
  • an in-vehicle smartphone-like User Experience
  • fun, comfort and safety while driving

Kinecar is in the running to be the first node of 'Internet of Microcars'

  • In-vehicle communication systems (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G/LTE, V2X)
  • Entertainment and infotainment digital services (smartphone interface, Alexa connected car skills, digital radio, social media, vehicle information, navigation) on a moving “sofa”
  • Cloud-based platform for mobility services (telemetry, geofencing, car key-sharing, real-time fleet monitoring)

All of your apps and contents through the Kinecar touch screen displays

Kinecar offers unrestricted in-car access to:
  • Live and VOD streaming content
  • Messaging and social apps
  • Music streaming service

Enjoy the fun to the full
but in safe way

Kinecar platform offers a range of built-in mechanisms to prevent accidents and to enhance the in-car experience.
  • Notification of potential collisions
  • Driver attention monitoring and fatigue detection
  • In-Car speech recognition and control

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